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Project Description
Regionizer is a C# document formatter and code enhancement tool.

Install Regionizer by double clicking on the Regionizer.vsix file in the VISX Folder or in the bin folder after you build.

You do need the Visual Studio SDK installed to edit the code. Visual Studio 2017 is now recommended for development, and may be required (I get an error opening in VS 2015 now, so I think a one way conversion took place when I moved to 2017.

Update 3.4.2017: Regionizer 2.3 is released

Sorry for the long delay in between releases. This release targets Visual Studio 2017 and Visual Studio 2015 only. I will no longer be supporting 2013 and earlier versions. Please use an older version of Regionizer for these versions if you can't upgrade. Better yet, Upgrade (recommended).

The biggest change is this version runs on Visual Studio 2017. I have been using it for the release candidate of Visual Studio 2017 and it appears stable.

The only code change was the Data Juggler button that used to be there is now a YouTube button that links to the Regionizer playlist on YouTube. I plan on making an updated video soon.

I also plan on doing a regular expression tutorial to demonstrate the custom comment dictionary.

Update 4.28, 2014:
Regionizer 2.1.2 is released that includes the C# Auto Commenting System.

Also released yesterday: Regionizer 2.1 C# Auto Commenting Video on YouTube:

Update April 29, 2013: Watch the Regionizer Intro Movie on YouTube:

What is Regionizer?

Regionizer is a Package for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 & Visual Studio 2012 that has many features; this document will introduce you to Regionizer and show you how to use the many features that Regionizer includes.

Warning! Regionizer modifies your code file, and while Regionizer has been tested on many types of C# code files and should be safe to use in most cases, you should use Regionizer at your own Risk and verify your project compiles before and after using any of the Regionizer tools.

Remember you can always use Edit Undo until your code is returned to the state before using any of the Regionizer Tools. I cannot be responsible for damage to your project if any code is lost or modified. It is always a good idea to make backups of your code before using Regionizer and we strongly recommend that you abide by this warning.

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