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Regionizer 1.5 Source Code

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Released: Apr 2, 2012
Updated: Apr 2, 2012 by CorbyNichols
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Source Code Regionizer Version 1.5 Source Code
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Release Notes

Regionizer is a C# document formatter and productivity enhancement tool for C# developers.

Double click on the Regionizer.vsix file to install into Visual Studio 2010 only (located in the Regionizer > Regionizer > bin > Debug directory).

After install, to Run: Start Visual Studio 2010, Click Tools >> Regionizer.

When the window opens, dock it in the same location as the Solution Explorer, or Propreties Window.

The following is a list of new features:

1. Smart Method Descriptions - This may not be perfect, but in the past when you created a new method or event, the description was listed as Enter Method Description Here; now I take the words in the method name as I parse them the words by Capital Letters. I also attempt to determine if a word is a verb, such as Get, Find, Load, Process, etc.; This list may grow, I should make it an Xml file that can be edited by the user so that is a version 2.0 feature.

The Smart Description are applied as often as I can; please report if you have any suggestions or corrections.

Also, the variable names created are now "smarter"; I attempt to remove verbs from the variable name;

A method called LoadContacts, used to have a variable called "loadContacts", now I remove the word Load, and the variable name created is contacts; This may not be perfect also, but it is better than the prevoius version.
  • New Buttons **

2. Initial Value button -

This something I find myself typing over and over, every time I have a method with a return type, I have to stub out:

// Initila Value
string testVariable = "";

// return value
return testVariable;

To use the Initial Value Button, make sure the Return Type Text Box is set to the data type, and set the Target Text Box to the name of the variable you want to use. Pretty simple, but I find it useful.

As with all of these new buttons, make sure the cursor is in the correct position as the code will get inserted at the Active Cursor point.

2. If Exists Button - This button is used to write an If exists statement and a comment above the if bock as follows:

// if the student exists
if (student != null)


// if the studentName is set
if (!String.IsNullOrEmpty(studentName))


And for numeric values (ints or doubles)

// if the testScore is set
if (testScore > 0)

I think most of spend our days with "if then, so this should be a big time saver

ForEach Button (4 Each) - This button writes out a foreach loop and a comment - // iterate the items in collectionName

To use the ForEachButton set the Return Type as the data type for the for each loop, and set the target property to the collection name you wish to use for each iteration. The variable name is created as a lower case version of the Return Type;

ReturnType: Student
VariableName:: student
CollectionName: students

// iterate the items in contacts
foreach (Contact contact in contacts)


Of course the collectionName should be an array, list or collection that can be iterated.

I also put the first bit of "Idiot Proofing In"; If you attempt to format a document with more than one class you get a "Use at your own risk message" as someone reported a problem with formatting a multi class file.

I would prefer to fix Regionizer to handle multiple classes in a file, but I am swamped so I do not have time.

Perhaps a college student wants something good on their resume and has the time I will provide any information I can.

I have not tested the new features extensively, but they work better than not being there, and if you provide the write input they work in most cases I have seen.

I will start working on the documentation as I have time.

Please create an Issue here if you have any problems, or better yet, fix the problem and send the solution to me at

Also I run a pet rescue web site called, I could use some beta testers to sign up if you have some time.

Thank you,

Corby Nichols

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